A Review of Social Intrapreneurism and All That Jazz: How Business Innovators are Helping to Build a More Sustainable World

  • Mark Rabideau Depauw University


Entrepreneurs see needs, gaps, and opportunities and create innovative solutions for financial gain. Similarly, social entre/intrapreneurs see needs, gaps, and opportunities and create innovative solutions for sustainable entities for social good. Grayson, McLaren, and Spitzeck, in this engaging and well-researched book provide a compelling case in support of the critical and increasingly central role of the emerging intrapreneurial movement – the direct involvement by companies and the creation of corporate models designed to do good while thriving in the marketplace.

Author Biography

Mark Rabideau, Depauw University

Mark Rabideau is a cultural entrepreneur, busy re-imagining how we must prepare musicians to thrive within the shifting marketplace and cultural landscape of the contemporary moment. Mark’s entrepreneurial spirit has led to serving as producer/host of Live from Smoke (NYC); founder and executive/artistic director for Artists Now (Highland Park, NJ); producer of Worlds End, an original work with the American Repertory Ballet; and founder of Art in Unlikely Places, a project fueled by the belief that art’s transformative powers must be made accessible to the underserved.

Mark’s bravest moments were spent performing with “the world’s most dangerous orchestra” (Juárez, Mexico), proudest as artist/faculty for three International Trombone Festivals, and most cherished while commissioning, performing and recording chamber music with his quartet, CTQ. A compelling arts advocate, he has served on the Quincy Jones Musiq Consortium, College Music Society and the National Association for Schools of Music. Scholarly work includes lectures at Cambridge and Brandeis Universities, membership on the editorial board of Artivate and the post of publisher for 21CM.org. Mark’s current book project is “Why Practice? Embracing ‘the joy of the struggle.’ ”

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