Editor's Introduction

  • Joseph Roberts Webster University


As we launch the Winter 2015 issue, 4 (1) with much fanfare and excitement, we start by congratulating our publisher, The Pave Program in Arts Entrepreneurship at Arizona State University for receiving The United States Association of Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE) award for Excellence in Entrepreneurship Education Specialty Program, namely Arts Entrepreneurship. We are also ushering in a new feature, “Editorial Board Perspectives on Arts Entrepreneurship.” Such viewpoints will outline logics, schema and probable Arts Entrepreneurship research and pedagogical constructs. Our editorial board members provide their assessments of challenges faced by the constantly shifting topography of Arts Entrepreneurship and provide their insights to effect changes that can help artists everywhere. We hope that such perspectives can provoke dialogue, diversity in thought and action, recognition of the need to always answer the “so what” question, and postulate a global platform for realistic and reasonable Arts Entrepreneurship dialogue.

Author Biography

Joseph Roberts, Webster University

Joe Roberts teaches entrepreneurship and management courses and is the Director of Entrepreneurship Program in Webster’s George Herbert Walker School of Business and Technology. He has presented on entrepreneurship across the world and also consults small/medium-sized businesses.

Joseph Roberts