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Entrepreneurship, at its essence, involves the discovery of new means-ends relationships (Shane and Venkataraman 2000). Arts entrepreneurship infuses both means and ends with creative, expressive, and aesthetic practice (Essig 2015). So, this twelfth volume of Artivate follows a similar impulse. With this volume, Artivate explores multiple means to achieve its intended ends. Our leadership team now comprises three new coeditors eager to combine their time, attention, advocacy, and networks to this important next chapter. In addition, with Volume 12 Artivate is transitioning to a rolling-publication basis. Rather than anchoring our releases in two full issues, we will now publish articles throughout the academic year as they are available. These innovations in our means are all intended to sharpen and amplify our long-standing ends: to disseminate new thinking and perspectives on arts entrepreneurship theory, practice, and pedagogy. We hope these changes inspire new conversations across the community and that new and established authors will trust their work with us.

Author Biographies

Olaf Kuhlke, Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Dr. Olaf Kuhlke (PhD) is Professor and Chair of Creative Entrepreneurship at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, as well as  a consultant and entrepreneur, working with BIPOC organizations across the country to implement creative entrepreneurship training programs for community members, and provides workshops on startups, workplace culture, mental health, and trauma-informed entrepreneurship. As a researcher, he is part of two projects focusing on the visualization of climate change and the climate entrepreneurship opportunities emerging from adaptation and mitigation. With the United Nations Environmental Programme and other international partners, he leads Our People, Our Climate, an initiative training youth in climate science, visualization, photography, and filmmaking. 

Diane Ragsdale, Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Diane Ragsdale (MFA) has been a speaker, writer, lecturer, and advisor on a range of arts and culture topics for the past 15 years. Currently: Director and Faculty for the MA in Creative Leadership at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design; and adjunct faculty at Yale University. Previously: Director of Cultural Leadership at the Banff Centre for Arts & Creativity; Asst. Professor and Director for the MA in Arts Management and Entrepreneurship and Designer of a Minor in Creative Community Development at The New School; Program Officer for theater and dance at the Mellon Foundation; Executive Director of a music festival; Managing Director of a contemporary performing arts center; and a theater maker. Most recent publication: “Margo Jones: Bridging Divides to Craft a Hybrid Logic for Theater in the US” in the Edward Elgar 2023 publication Cases on Arts Entrepreneurship.

E. Andrew Taylor, American University

E. Andrew Taylor thinks (a bit too much) about organizational structure, strategy, and management practice in the nonprofit arts. An Associate Professor of Arts Management at American University, he also consults for cultural, educational, and support organizations throughout North America. Andrew is past president of the Association of Arts Administration Educators, board chair for Fractured Atlas, consulting editor for The Journal of Arts Management, Law, and Society, and a co-editor of Artivate, a journal on arts entrepreneurship. Since July 2003, he has written a popular weblog on the business of arts and culture, "The Artful Manager," hosted by ArtsJournal.com (www.artfulmanager.com). He's currently constructing an array of free and public resources to support Arts Management practitioners – online textbook, weekly newsletter, short video series – available at ArtsManaged.org.




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