Meta-Analysis on the Importance of Entrepreneurship in Canada’s Music Industry




Canada, entrepreneurship, creative industries, music, music industry, musicians, literature review


This article draws on research to evaluate the skills and traits required to be a successful music entrepreneur and Canadian musician in the face of digitalization. Theoretical and empirical studies emphasize entrepreneurship in every career. Researchers found that successful businessmen had unique skills that helped them achieve their goals faster. Creativity, timing, resource management, and opportunity awareness are connected to career success. This research explores academic entrepreneurs’ best practices. Entrepreneurship is varied; therefore, the study found comparable effects and distinct conflict causes. Comparing general commercial success determinants to the skills musicians need to succeed in Canada and abroad generated four surprising findings: 1. Musicians require entrepreneurial skills. Musicians need skills to succeed and make money. 2. To capitalize on music industry digitalization, Canadian artists must strengthen their business skills. 3. Canadian artists need digital distribution and copyright skills to succeed in the internet era. 4. Entrepreneurship may be taught. Empirical research shows that entrepreneurs can learn better via experience than didactic training. These findings should support earlier research and assist policymakers develop “industry-specific” entrepreneurship tools for Canadian music practitioners. 

Author Biography

Charlie Wall-Andrews, Toronto Metropolitan University

A Trudeau Scholar and Ph.D. candidate at Ted Rogers School of Management, Charlie Wall-Andrews is a lecturer at the Toronto Metropolitan University in the Arts and Media Management program and has over ten years working as an executive in the creative industries where she founded the Incubator for Creative Entrepreneurship.




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Wall-Andrews, C. (2023). Meta-Analysis on the Importance of Entrepreneurship in Canada’s Music Industry. Artivate: A Journal of Entrepreneurship in the Arts, 11(2).




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